EAS – Noon Hr. Talk w/Kenna Barradell

Friday, April 26, 2019 - 12:00pm

Homage to Miro
The world of the European and North American expressionists and surrealists appeal to me in general; nonrealist and experimental. Amoungst the influences of early 20th and mid century painters, Miro inspires the use of vibrant colour, and black and white; all of which appeal to me immensely. In addition to his prolific practice which I find particularly admirable, Miro’s work in general demands awe for its size and variety in all media. When I began the China Series (2011), my use of stick and surreal figures in a few of my paintings with children offered limited satisfaction. However, returning to these characters to express my fear and loathing of Facsism in the 21st Century has offered an effective opportunity for emotional creativity. kennaleearts.com

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