Galiano Saturday Market

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Saturday, May 19, 2018 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

Come and relish The Galiano Saturday Market, each weekend during late Spring all through the Summer months and into the Fall. The Market features locally grown farm produce and fruits, a myriad of home fresh-baked breads, croissants & other goodies, home-made delicacies & hand-made products from our Gulf Island.

Once a week (usually on the Thursday) we will be posting an updated "What's Fresh & Exciting" Newsletter at on our Facebook page, so do check in regularly for the latest SCOOP of what to expect the coming Saturday…

At the Market you will find a marvellous selection of vegetables, fruit, oceanwise wild seafood, fresh-cut flowers, potted plants, artisan breads, jams/jellies, knitted goods, fresh Galiano-roasted ground coffee, local artwork, photographic prints & cards, glasswork, pottery, knitted originals and many yummy food items to choose from. There is an ever changing pageant of seasonal offerings! Plan on coming early (we start at 10am sharp), enjoy LIVE local musicians who will serenade you and plan on having lunch at the Market, since many of our food vendors sell out by 1pm.

Coming in 2018, the Market will have 11 new vendors….. local farmers, plant sellers, jewellers, bakers, popcorn maker, seafood purveyor, florists, popsicle entrepreneur, eclectic clothing seller, glassblowers, photographers, musicians, artisan soap makers and a newcomer artisans as well as representatives from our Galiano community organizations such as the Galiano Community Food Program, Conservancy Association and the Southern Gulf Islands Emergency Program.

Galiano Saturday Market’s 2018 LIVE MUSIC LINEUP
Arranged by Henny Schnare,
Director/ Publicity & Marketing

19May = Host: Jenny Brooklin (pictured!) ...... Shall be up with Galiano's Annual "‎OPEN-MIC to OPEN-The-Market" Event… Guitar/Drums/vocals + Christian Nally / Martine Paulin + Lorelei Christine + Guests!
26May = Alex Catona & Friends…….
‎02Jun = "Gargage 195"……. Guitar/vocals: Rorry Dunbar; keyboard: Dirk Ouelette; Drums: Shelley Chili Okepnak; vocals: Jackie Bowers & Bass/vocals: Arnie Bell
09Jun = Amos Mercier … Guitar/vocals
‎16Jun = Alex Catona & Rob Butterfield …. Cello/strings/vocals
‎23Jun = Liam C Sebelius …. Guitar/vocals
‎30Jun = Jack Garton ….. Accordion/trumpet/vocals (
07Jul = Matthew Okuda ….. Keyboards/synth
‎14Jul = Jack Garton
‎21Jul = "Salt Thief" returns!... (based in Vancouver) Master Fiddlers/vocals: Brothers John Castle and Tony Kastelic
‎28Jul = "Hearse & Horvath" returns! ….. (based in Victoria) Guitar/vocals: Jacqueline McLaughlin , Accordion/vocals: Grayson Walker, Bass: Deleina Mae , vocals: Brahmi Benner & Vic Horvath
‎04Aug = Bruce Jefferson…. Guitar/vocals
‎11Aug = Jack Garton & Friends
‎18Aug = Amos Mercer‎
25Aug = Jenny Brooklin
01Sep = "Hearse & Horvath" returns!! (Victoria)
08Sep = Liam Sebelius
15Sep = Bruce Jefferson
22Sep = Lorelei Keys….. Keyboards/vocals
29Sep = Mystery Guest Musician IS Christian Nally!!‎
06Oct = Lorelei Keys …… for our Last Market of the season

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