Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

©Stefano Corrias
ArtSpring Presents
MM Contemporary Dance (Italy)
Rite of Spring
Choreographed and directed by Michele Merola
7:30 pm; bar 6:30 pm (post-show talkback)
proudly sponsored by Joan Farlinger and Salt Spring Coffee
Rite of Spring is inspired by an ancient Slavic legend. According to the myth, every spring a virgin had to be ritually sacrificed so that the land could flourish. It is a way to fight fears and exorcise the sorrow of living that we carry with us.
Michele Merola creates a new version of Bolero, after a deep and long study with this obsessive and repetitive music, his studies lead him to focus on the inexhaustible range of human relations, especially the ones related to couple relationship, in which we often note the mutual and irreconcilable distance between men and women, “the invisible wall” dividing their existence.  
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