Salt Spring Film Festival Gala

Friday, March 2, 2018 - 5:30pm

Opening Night Gala ~ Sponsored by Purica ~ Friday March 2 ~ Doors – 5:30 pm ~ Film Program starts ~ 7:00 pm – Gala Film: Jane
Brett Morgan, USA, 2017, 90 mins
Drawing from over 100 hours of never-before-seen footage that has been tucked away in the National Geographic archives for over 50 years, award-winning director Brett Morgen tells the story of JANE. Goodall was a 26-year-old secretary who had always felt a yearning for Africa when Kenyan-born paleontologist Louis Leakey, looking for someone who would bring no scientific bias, chose her to travel to Tanzania in 1960. At 83, Jane Goodall has achieved emeritus status for her lifelong study of chimpanzees and her advocacy for animal rights. Virtually any look back is bound to be worthwhile, but this film is a showcase of Jane’s astounding qualities and life.
Preceded by Lucy – A short animated film.
Lucy Elisa Chee, Canada, 2016, 8 mins – Lucy was an extraordinary chimpanzee raised to believe she was human as part of a psychological experiment started in the 1960’s. When Lucy turned twelve, she began to act out violently. Her adoptive parents decided to send her to Africa where it became a tremendous struggle for Lucy to adapt. Lucy managed to learn over 120 words in sign language and was capable of expressing complex human emotions that we thought were exclusive to the humans. Lucy is a short animated film telling the true-life story of an unhappily domesticated chimpanzee, and the extreme sacrifices that Janis Carter made to set her free. Filmmaker, Elisa Chee in attendance.

Salt Spring Film Festival
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$15 Gala ONLY Weekend Passes $40.00