Sea Kayaking Basic Course

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Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Basic Kayak introduces the novice to sea kayak in calm sheltered water on Saturna Island.
Rescue techniques at this level incorporate the use of a paddling partner and it is essential for all Basic Kayak certified paddlers to travel on the water with others who have been trained in the techniques of assisted rescues.
Activities focus on individual safety and comfortable paddling along a calm shoreline. While there is a great deal to learn at this level, the activities should concentrate on personal progress and an awareness of the need for future learning. Paddlers should leave the course encouraged to continue their learning and aware of their individual limitations.

Rescue Skills: Wetexit, Retrieving a swamped kayak. Assisted rescue and kayak rafting.
Paddling Skills: Lifting and carrying a kayak, Forward and reverse paddling, Forward and reverse sweep strokes, Draw stroke, Low brace and stretching.
Knowledge: Boat design, Boat outfitting, Clothing, Safety Equipment, Paddles, Injury prevention, Equipment care
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