Space for Joy Constellation Healing Circle

Saturday, May 25, 2019 - 2:30pm
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Curious about ancestral healing? Join us at this remarkable circle. Our circle has been meeting quarterly, but by request now meets bi-monthly on Pender. We bring personal questions, concerns, struggles to ask assistance from the ancestors through the circle. You may just sit and observe, ask for assistance, or be available as a ‘representative’. This is a nourishing and healing circle.
For an enlarged explanation of the constellation process, see
Shelley Easthope facilitates with support of other trained facilitators in the circle. I request 'mindful payment' for participation--an amount representative of what you receive and what you have to give.
Comments from participants:
'I need to tell you what an honour it is to witness the blessings that are received during your facilitated constellations.
My soul is grateful.' -- Paul Widdershoven
'Thank you..for your skilled guidance during the constellation work. I am still processing what we did together. I do feel lighter and not so burdened.'-- participant

Shelley Easthope
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