Against the Current – Talk w/John Ford – Orca specialist and Mike+Michi Main of Cetacea

Monday, February 17, 2020 - 6:00pm

Against the Current: Orca+Salmon Exhibit Event @ Mahon Hall. Exhibit runs Feb. 14-23, 10-5pm each day.
Monday, Feb. 17 from 6-8pm @ Mahon Hall – Suggested donation $10
Two Talks – 1) Creatures of Habit: Culture and Conservation of West Coast Killer Whales with John K. Ford, Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries & Oceans Canada and Dept of Zoology, UBC.
“The plight of Southern Resident Killer Whales has received international attention in recent years. Too much noise, disturbance and contaminants, and­ –– perhaps most importantly –– insufficient food, have all played a role in putting this population at serious risk. But while Southern Residents are struggling, other killer whale populations along the west coast are thriving. In this lecture, cetacean research biologist Dr. John Ford describes the importance of cultures –– behavioural traditions passed across generations by social learning –– in the lives of orcas and how these dictate where they go, who they associate with, what they eat and, ultimately, how well they can cope with a changing marine environment.”
and 2) Orca Tails From the Bone Yard. Join skeleton articulators Mike deRoos and Michi Main of Cetacea as they share stories of their experience working with orca skeletons over the years.
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