Sound Healing with the ancient and sacred Didjeridoo

Sunday, February 16, 2020 - 2:00pm

Come journey deeper into your Heart Opening
Connecting and Returning to Innocence
with the ancient attunement of the didgeridoo
From Los Angeles, Christopher Parnell initiates a deeper connection to breath, heart and hands with the sacred healing frequencies and tones of the didjeridoo and drum.
The Didgeridoo merges modern and ancient cultures reconnecting us to a timeless silent place of inner knowing, peace, and realignment with our true nature beyond pain and suffering.
The sacred healing sound of the Didgeridoo assists you in feeling the vibration of who you are. The evening experience will bring a harmonic attunement to your body, mind and spirit.
“Christopher is naturally and profoundly attuned to the ancient practice of didgeridoo playing, where the instrument becomes a bridge between human and Spirit, facilitating experiences perfectly crafted and perfectly suited to the individual participant.
l am deeply impressed by his ability to tune in to the group, his meditative strength, purity of intention, effortless surrender into the moment, guiding each of us to let go much in the same way and receive ourselves, finding insight, cocooned yet connected, feeling seen, heard and even deeply loved.
I highly recommend Christopher’s inspired sessions to anyone seeking potent healing, growth, insight and transformation all can be found in but one moment of his playing.”
Andreea Petruse
Salt Spring Wellness Centre
Sunday, February 16, 2pm – 3:30
$15-30 Donation
Dress cozy – blankets and matts available for your comfort
Christopher has a profound love, respect and deep connection to the sacred healing sounds of the Didgeridoo. He builds them by hand, and assists in the playing of their magic. Sacred sound is his spiritual practice, transforming, empowering and awakening the unlimited potential within. This practice has ignited his passion for life and dedication to sharing these powerful transformative sacred sounds with others to inspire and empower all beings to reconnect with the love and aliveness of their own hearts wisdom.
“Not only does my body feel completely relaxed, but my mind has that wonderful super composed stillness that I only experience after a really good healing session. Just wonderful. Look forward to doing it again. You definitely have the gift of healing.” – Greg W.

Salt Spring Wellness Centre
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(250) 900-1125