Southern Gulf Islands

Rising from the cool, clear water of the North Pacific, just off the mainland of British Columbia, Canada, you’ll find a handful of serene, verdant, rolling crowns we call the Southern Gulf Islands. Here, in our cool Mediterranean microclimate, our days are warmed by good neighbours and West Coast sunshine, our hearts are filled with inspiration, and our nights are sung to sleep by the orca whales that call our channels home.


Relax for a weekend or a while.

Find a place to call your own while you’re here. We’ll infuse each minute of your visit with wonder and hospitality. Because we live in such abundance, we have a lot to share.


Our islands are defined by quiet leisure. Go in search of yourself, or find a pursuit that’s artistic, athletic, or delicious. Hop around or plant roots in fertile soil.


We’re cut from the same beautiful cloth. We share a fabric of rolling hills, dense forests, sandstone cliffs and pebble beaches—woven together with friendly and colourful people. Now, see what sets us apart.

Our islands

October 15, 2021

Stories and photos by Hans Tammemagi Last year, the end of October was a frightening time on Pender Island. I remember it well, for bats, ghouls, witches and a spooky graveyard came alive in a large field as a full moon shone down. Skeletons, sombre reminders of what death brings, roamed everywhere, and not just those of humans but also...