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Teeming with life and love.

Salt Spring Island has always been a place of refuge, restoration, adventure and creativity. Lose your breath taking in the exquisite scenery. Nourish yourself with the bounty from a growing agricultural legacy. Inspire your soul by immersing in the island’s artisan studios and galleries. It’s a year-round destination for visitors looking to disconnect, find their spark and develop their inner creative Self. Be well. Discover Salt Spring and it will stay with you forever.

“One of the best feelings in the world is standing on the deck of the ferry, feeling the cool ocean breeze on my face as the delicious salty air fills my nose and throws me back through the memories of our annual trips to Salt Spring Island”
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July 9, 2021

Written by Stephania Jean with story photos Feature photo by Stasia Garraway Try something different this season: rethink your usual grocery routine by going farm stand foraging on Salt Spring Island. Step away from the fluorescent lights, the Muzak, and the shopping cart traffic. Forget about dizzying aisles of products stacked on top of products and plan a visit to...