Visit the Southern Gulf Islands

Our strengths lie in our differences.

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Each island has it’s own characters, laid back, rustic, up tempo, bustling. Like the sea, some of us ebb, some of us flow, but we all seem to move at the perfect pace.



BC Ferries is our best transportation system to the islands. Be sure to plan ahead by checking out access options on BC Ferries website. Sometimes island connections are tricky and, during busy times, accommodators may advise you to book your ferry crossing before you book your stay.

Ferry time tips from savvy local travellers

  • Check your ferry departure time twice (or even three times) and look for advisories on the BC Ferries website.
  • Make reservations for those trips that accept reservations (usually trips from the Mainland or Victoria. Arrive at least 45 minutes ahead of time or you may lose your reservations.
  • Allow enough time (30-60 minutes, depending on season and departure time) for those trips around the islands that don’t have an option to reserve. It’s common for ferries to fill quickly during busy times!
  • Enjoy your ferry wait time! You will see locals in the ferry line with picnics, knitting, or a good book. This is the time to start slowing down. You’re almost there! Enjoy the moment.

Get a BC Ferries Experience Card to get discounts on some of the inter-island routes. Order your card ahead of time and they will mail it to you. You can reload it online, anytime.

BC Ferries
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