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An Abundance of Artistry on Mayne November 12 -14 2021

story by Deborah Strong Mayne Island’s annual Fall Studio Tour is back for another exciting year to brighten up the season, and once again Arts on Mayne is pleased to be organizing the event. From November 12-14, thirty-six artists/artisans will show visitors what they make and, in many cases, where they make it. It’s a great opportunity to shop locally and support Mayne’s creative community, and it goes without saying it’s perfect timing to purchase holiday season gifts. There will [...]

A Letter from my Home to Visitors from Mayne Island

Imagine a place where you can never be more than five minutes away from the ocean. A place where all your worries seem to just dissolve into the forest and the sea. That place is Mayne Island, my home and one of the many beautiful Gulf Islands located in the Salish Sea.

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